Olympic Boxer Delante ‘Tiger’ Johnson Delivering On Promise: ‘He’s That Dude’ The Cleveland Native Has A Shot At Ending Team USA’s Gold Medal Drought

July 21, 2021

Donte Johnson figured he arrived just in time to see his 10-year-old son Tiger in amateur boxing action. His attendance was always special because it gave him a chance to share in his son’s passion. It was also unique because his various jobs limited his presence. Everything was finally in place, until the elder Johnson was in the parking lot watching fans exit the building. Disbelief washed over him. “I…


‘It’s Her Time Right Now’: Claressa Shields Has Lofty Goals As Crossover MMA Star The Boxing Champion Is Set To Make Her Mixed Martial Arts Debut

June 8, 2021

Claressa Shields often gets emotional when a conversation leads to her greatest inspiration: her late grandmother, Joanne Adams. It was Adams’ support that drove Shields to become boxing’s first two-time Olympic gold medalist and a current champion in two weight classes. Adams also fueled a will in Shields to strive for women’s equality in a male-dominated sport. “My grandmother is a part of this [the motivation],” Shields said. “And also…


Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul: The Great White Hype Wins This One Money, Social Media And Great White Hope 2.0 Make This Boxing’s Newest Spectacle

June 4, 2021

Some things have changed beyond recognition in the sport of boxing. Yet despite these changes, there are hallmarks of the sport that doggedly remain. Boxing’s starkest mutations and mainstays will be on full display Sunday when Floyd Mayweather squares off against Logan Paul in Miami. Yes, you read that correctly, Floyd Mayweather – the greatest boxer of his generation and arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time –…